Today while driving I witnessed someone who was standing at a cross-walk, fall down and hit their head on the cement. My first thought was, “another drunk hobo…” but as we drove by and watched other help the person up, I realized it was not a drunk hobo, but an old asian woman who had fallen and hit her head. My heart sunk. Why did I not get out of the car and help? But worse, why did I disregard someone because they looked like a hobo? I am a terrible person-so quick to judge. I hope that old lady is okay….

Pineapples and tube skirts



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Snorkelling with the dolphins!!

Oahu, Hawaii

People That Can't Read...
J: Can you assist me with the Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Origin for product L-1900-5 - 045K7545?
PTCR: Thanks for requesting product information. Please go to our website and you will all our product inform and the data sheet.
If you need further assistant, please let me know and also you can write to our tech support for tech information.
J: I am looking for the lot specific CoA and CoOs. Can you please assist me with those?
PTCR: Your are looking for speifc lot of CoA? What is the name of the product that you need CoA?
J: I am looking for the CoA and CoO that includes a statement of animal origin for L-1900-5 - 045K7545.
PTCR: Dear Jenna, L-1900 Pokweed is from plant and the origin is from florida.Thanks.
......... OMG PEOPLE!! These are simple requests!!

You shouldn’t have to hide or hold back your emotions from anyone. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed.

If someone respects you, they respect all of you.


Hats and overalls- (Most likely) the last BBQ of the year!