The Right Time Will Come Along

Lately, I have been dreaming about my family in Uganda; the things we did, the things we would do, and all the amazing memories I had. I miss them so incredibly much.. but honestly I can’t really afford, nor have the time to go back and visit. But these dreams are telling me something, they are telling me something that I need to do.

I was completely ready to commit and book a flight to Uganda for this winter break. I get two weeks off in December and Emily, my friend who I volunteered with, has planned her trip to Uganda around that time too. I began looking into flights and knew which arrival and departure I wanted. I mentally prepared myself, knowing that after I returned from this trip I would be broke-asssss. I’m focusing on school this time around (no job), and all the money that I have saved is for my spendings for at least the next year. I told Emily my idea and she was completely excited!!..But I was reminded that the kids have holidays during December too.. (which was the reason for my early return date during my last trip).
Shut down. Devastated. I miss these kids so much! And if I missed the opportunity to see them again before they grow up and leave Wakiso, it would break me… 
Emily has always been one for positivity. She told me not to be upset and, “the right time will come along”.
I’m going to hold onto that (really, that’s all I got), but you have to hold onto something. 

Sir Elton John. What a night!
D: So does K really want my another bike?
J: He does! He's willing to do something for it.
D: Oh he doesn't have to do that...he can just have it. As long as he takes care of you and is good to you.


Katy Perry Prismatic Tour!!

I got Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii all up in my mind. 

Counting down the days!!

"It’s a dishes washing with Eye of The Tiger, kind of morning."  - Cleaning dishes, Survivor. 

Vancouver Street Art.
"…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?"  - Vincent van Gogh (via alaindelons)

(Source: observando, via theyellowlight)

Going to the Farmer&#8217;s Market today. I hope the berries are still looking fresh!!

Update: blueberries were disappointingly small&#8230;

Last minute cancellation?

By all means, just push me aside and move on with your day.

Will you try and make it up to me?

Probably not.

You don’t even realize.


Love! by fanz on Flickr.

As the weather changes, so do my sinus’s. Cucumbers and hummus begin to taste like shitake mushrooms while the temperature of my body goes through pre-pre menopause. A sweater on for one minute, and off for the next. I feel sick; delusional and sick. At work I was printing double of documents and losing my train of thought. This sunny weather may look warm, but trust me it’s not.

Winter is coming G.O.T.